Keith's Church-Related Links

bulletGloria Dei Lutheran Church, in Nassau Bay, Texas, is our home congregation. Gloria Dei is Latin, meaning "Glory of God."
bulletRomans Bible Study.  This page is deedicated to the GDLC study on the New Testament book of Romans lead by Jeff Williams.
bulletLutheran Church-Missouri Synod home page.  A synod in crisis, but it's home, and it's also a place where the battle to remain faithful to the Christian Scriptures is waged.
bulletThe LC-MS controversy:
bulletC-SPAN's video of A Prayer for America
bulletRev. David Benke's portion of the service
bulletSee my CAT41 Resources Page for more...
bulletThe Unofficial St. John's College Alumni Page, a place for Johnnies far and wide to connect.
bulletThe Book of Concord on-line.  This book contains the confessions of the Lutheran church.  Find out why we believe what we believe.
bulletXrysostom, a "...cosmic collision of theology and religion, music, art..." and a whole lot more, is delightful site planted and nurtured by my friend and college classmate Rev. Walter Snyder.
bulletWalt also writes Ask the Pastor, a fascinating, insightful, and informative newspaper column that answers readers' questions. You can (and should!) sign up to receive this column via Email.
bulletConfess and Teach for Unity (a.k.a. CAT41), home of a number of Lutheran Email lists and more.
bulletThe CAT41 Resources Page is a collection of papers, graphics, and such from the CAT41 Table Talk list and its contributors.
bulletProject Wittenberg, a tremendous on-line resource, with loads of historical ecclesiastical documents in electronic form.
bulletLife of the World, a very cool portal sponsored by Concordia Theological Seminary.
bulletGospel Communications Network, a gateway to on-line Bible translations and lots of other resources.
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