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YET another year, YET another Borland conference (Anaheim in May, 2002), another year without seeing most of my old dBASE friends, unfortunately.  Alas, my thirst for a conference for dBASE folk continues unquenched....

For all the latest and greatest dBASE stuff, check out the dBASE Incorporated web site.  The best dBASE support in the world is available through the newsgroups hosted there.

dBASE 5.x and 7.x Stuff

Some of these files are on-line here; all should be available from the dBASE2000 Downloads Page. Visual dBASE 5.7 upgrade from version 5.5, 5.5a, or 5.6.
bulletvdb56.exe Visual dBASE 5.6 upgrade from version 5.5 to 5.5a. Visual dBASE 5.x deployer update. Visual dBASE 5.x copyright date kit Visual dBASE 5.x Component Builder Visual dBASE 5.x Intranet Tools BDE 2.52 update (a MUST for ALL VdB 5.x users!) Visual dBASE 5.7 Language Reference (a large .PDF file!)
bullet vdb701upg.exe Visual dBASE 7.01 patch for VdB 7.0.
bulletThe Visual dBASE HOWTO Files in HTML format (sort of....) A great resource, especially if you're just starting out with Visual dBASE!
bulletThe dBASE dUFLP Library for Windows and DOS. If you develop in ANY version of dBASE, you need one or more of these outstanding collections of free functions and procedures.
bulletliw7k.exe for VdB 7.x for VdB 5.5 and 5.6 for dBASE/DOS 5.0 for dBASE IV 2.0 for dBASE IV 1.0-1.5

Here are three useful DBF-related utilities

bulletDBFCLN.EXE - identify/fix DBF corruption
bulletDBTCHK.EXE - identify/fix DBT corruption
bulletIDXFIX.ZIP - fixes "File already open" problems in older dBASE IV versions
Borland Conference '98

dBASE in Denver! The ICon '98 conference at the Colorado Convention Center was a rousing success for dBASE fans. We had lots of great technical sessions, met old friends and made new friends.

BorCon/Icon Pictures!
Session Attendees Section

 You can find some of my writing in Que Publishing's Killer dBASE for Windows, New Riders' Inside dBASE for Windows, dBASE Advisor magazine, and the Cobb Group's Inside Visual dBASE newsletter.

VdB 5.

Here's Ken Mayer's complete VESPER.ZIP sample VdB 5.6 application.

Inside Visual dBase Listings


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