Keith's Freeware & Shareware

These are programs and utilities I've written over the years. Enjoy!

bulletKGC Video Routines C (Turbo C 2.0) direct video RAM access under DOS
bulletZipZap 7.2 My (old but) useful DOS sector editor
bulletSnapMenu 3.0 DOS Menu program with lots of features
bulletAsk Query the user from a batch file
bulletBatDate Build dynamic batch files with automated time/date stamping and more
bulletDBMake A helpful MAKE for dBASE/DOS developers
bulletGlobal Execute a DOS command in EVERY directory on the drive. Great for cleaning up .BAK files, etc.
bulletKD Kill Directories. Like DOS/ DELTREE, but better , and it works with old Versions of DOS, too.
bulletLocate Find file(s) on a hard drive. Fast and more flexible than DIR/S
bulletMuncher A simple but popular text-mode game.
bulletSplit Split large text files intelligently
bulletTermites An alternate screen save for SnapMenu or standalone use
bulletVC Version Control. It ain't polished, but I used to use it a lot for personal source control!
bulletWipe Wipe out files! This little utility zeros out all data in a file before deleting it, making the file(s) useless even after an undelete operation. Secure your stuff!

I was a member of TeamB from '92-'99.  The best tech support ANYWHERE is from these guys!
Team Borland